Both our ST205/75R15 and LT235/75R15 tires come on 4-1/2” lug pattern.
The air conditioner requires 120V – 30 amp power to run. You can either use 30 amp shore power or a generator that has enough amps to power the air conditioner. The Coleman Mach 8 – Cub air conditioner has the following specifications:

  • Cool/Heat Capacity: 9,200 BTU
  • Electric Heat Element Capacity: 6,000 BTU
  • Electrical Rating: 115 VAC, 60HZ
  • Cooling Amps-High: 11.7 Amps
  • Running Watts Standard: 1,270 Watts
  • Running Watts Desert: 1,550 Watts
  • Running Watts Heat Strip: 1,748 Watts
  • Lock Rotor Amps: 58.4 Amps
  • CFM 300
In order for your air conditioner to work properly, you need to make certain you have the proper power source. We recommend a 30 amp source. It is not advised to reduce your campers 30 amp shore cord to a 15 amp adaptor, plugging it into a standard 15 amp wall outlet and then attempt to operate the air conditioner. For more details on the operation and maintenance of your Coleman Mach 8 – Cub roof top air conditioner, check out the Airxcel Operation and Maintenance Instructions.
There are several ways to charge your onboard battery:

  1. Plug in your campers shore cord to the proper power source and your camper’s onboard 35 amp converter will automatically charge your battery. The system is designed to not overcharge your battery. The proper power source can be A) a 30 amp power source, or B) you can choose to hook up your campers shore cord using a 15 amp adaptor and plug into a standard 15 amp wall receptacle. This will provide enough electricity to charge the battery. Using a 15 amp adaptor will NOT create enough electricity to run your air conditioner or heat strip.

  2. If your camper is equipped with a 7-way plug and your tow vehicle has the auxiliary wire properly connected and operating, your tow vehicles electrical system will create a trickle charge when the vehicle is operating. This charge is typically not enough to bring a dead battery back to life, rather it will maintain a charge or provide a small amount of amperage to charge the battery.

  3. If you have a solar panel that is properly hooked up to your camper, you will be able to charge your battery. The amount of electricity created is dependent on the solar panel you have. Each inTech RV Flyer is equipped with Zamp solar prep. It is important to understand the polarity of your Zamp solar prep prior to hooking up a solar charger to your camper. For more information on using a solar panel with your inTech RV Flyer, please contact your authorized inTech RV dealer.
This is really a personal preference and depends greatly on how big your battery is and how much power you’re using from your battery daily. Without over-complicating things, most people camping in small, micro-lite campers use solar panels between 20 and 100 watts. There are a lot of articles on the internet that will explain how to determine just how big of a solar panel you will need to power your camper. However, it’s just as important to determine how big of a battery or battery bank you need to power your needs.

A great source to start with is your authorized inTech RV dealer for more information on selecting the right solar panel for your camper.
We rate our roof rack at 250lbs. This weight rating is for a load during transit. There are other forces, such as wind resistance that affect how the rack will handle the load. When the rack is used statically, then it can handle more weight than the stated weight rating.
We rate our 2” rear receiver at 100lbs. The receiver is designed to carry bicycle racks, cargo carriers and other similar items. The 2” rear receiver is NOT designed to transport other trailers or any kind of tandem towing.
OEM Component Troubleshooting & Warranty
Challenger Door
For Warranty: 574.773.8166
General Info: 574.773.0470
Limited Warranty
Dexter Axle
For Warranty: 574.295.7888
General Info: 574.295.7888
Brake Burnishing
(Electric Brakes Only)
Dexter Axle Service Manual
Warranty Form
For Warranty: 800-364-5483
General Info: 800-364-5483
Limited Warranty
Progressive Dynamics
For Warranty: 269.781.4241
General Info: 269.781.4241
Converter Troubleshooting
Converter Troubleshooting Video
30 Amp Breaker Box Manual
50 Amp Breaker Box Manual
Tredit Tire
For Warranty: 855-8-TREDIT
General Info: 855-8-TREDIT
Limited Warranty
General Troubleshooting
General Maintenance

Luna Winterizing

Sol Dawn Winterizing

Sol Horizon Winterizing

General schematics


inTech Service & Warranty

inTech RV 3/1 Warranty

inTech RV warrants the structural portion of the trailer manufactured for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. The structural portion of the warranty includes the main aluminum frame and all the aluminum crossmembers welded to it, including the framing in the walls and roof. The trailer manufactured by inTech RV shall be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship supplied and attributable to inTech RV for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Other components such as but not limited to tires, wheels, axles, awnings, couplers, generators, jacks, air conditioners, doors, windows, etc are covered by OEM warranties and thus must be filed with the OEM.

This warranty is transferable to any sequential owners for the remainder of the warranty period. When ownership is transferred, a new warranty registration card must be filed with inTech RV within 15 days of purchase. The terms and conditions of the warranty are applicable for all future owners of the product during the warranty period.

The inTech RV warranty is valid only if the trailer is returned to inTech RV for repairs or a repair facility authorized by inTech RV. Reasonable notification must be given for all repairs. When an authorized repair facility is used, a written estimate must be provided to inTech RV prior to any work being performed. This warranty does not cover freight to or from inTech RV for repairs or to an authorized repair facility. The original purchaser of the product and any person to whom the product is transferred, and any person who is an intended user or beneficiary of the product shall not be entitled to recover any consequential or incidental damages resulting from any defect in the product. These damages include damage to personal property, loss of use of the trailer, loss of revenues or any other commercial losses, subsequent use of rental equipment, loss of time and inconvenience or any other such losses.