The inTech Difference

Quality | Everyone plays a part!

Many companies may tout quality, but we integrate that idea into the very essence of our business. Our team members are NOT paid based on piece-rate. Instead, everyone is compensated by the profitability of the company. This gives the entire team a unique level of ownership in the products and the future of the company. Cutting corners works directly against our long-term goals and negatively impacts everyone’s pay, both now and later. This unified motivation yields a culture truly obsessed on quality. This also means that as demand for our products increases, we grow at a pace consistent with maintaining the level of quality we expect. Simply stated, we truly believe in quality first.

Innovation | We challenge the norms!

Being innovative means we rethink everything. But many times the best designs remain the simplest. This can be seen in the seemingly small but thoughtful details throughout each of our product lines. We also listen to our customers and, with a mindset of continuous improvement, strive to incorporate their ideas into our design elements. This effort ensures each of our campers are unique and inventive in their own way. But our passion for innovation doesn’t end at product design. Relationally, we work to provide an individualized and unmatched experience through the tools we offer for information, service and support. Innovation is at the core of our business.

Construction | Built on a firm foundation!

Our heritage began with building the finest all-aluminum car haulers in the world. This tradition continues to come alive in the fully-welded aluminum cage used in every camper we build. Along with using aluminum to ensure our frames remain rust-free, we utilize tube frame construction to deliver structural integrity that is simply unmatched. We build each and every one of our frames in house from the ground up. This allows us to control the quality, strength and durability of every single camper we build. After seeing our construction, you can rest assured that our products will stand the test of time. Everything is built as though we were building it for ourselves, and that is something we take pride in.