XLT Flyer

The micro lite trailer that changed the way people look at camping. Getting out and exploring what the world has to offer shouldn't be difficult. The XLT Flyer keeps things simple and easy. Small in size, easy to tow, even with a small car, the XLT Flyer delivers comfortable camping for the couple or small family.

What really sets the XLT Flyer apart from a traditional teardrop trailer is the extreme versatility and the optional Add-A-Room Tent. Versatile beyond belief, the XLT Flyer has a very open and spacious interior. The double rear doors eliminate the cramped and claustrophobic feeling you can get in a much smaller teardrop trailer. The optional Add-A-Room Tent more than doubles the interior living space and creates a great space for the kids to sleep while being directly next to their parents...even young campers will feel at ease in this camping environment.

inTech RV Flyer Mini Camper
inTech RV XLT Flyer Mini Camper

When you're not camping in your XLT Flyer it can easily double as a small cargo trailer. So whether you're moving your son or daughter to college or you need to bring building supplies back from the store, you've got an incredible little trailer that will get the job done that teardrop trailer just can't do.

The base weight of the incredibly lightweight XLT Flyer is just 850lbs. and fully loaded climbs to just 1100lbs. You won't need a specialty tow vehicle to start your adventures...most small, 4 cylinder cars can tow the XLT Flyer safely.

You personalize your XLT Flyer with one of six optional colors to choose from and our subtle graphics add just the right amount of sportiness to the camper. There are a handful of options you can choose from including our 9.2K BTU roof mount air conditioner that features a heat strip. On those hot or cold evenings, you can extend your camping season with the roof mount air conditioner that has the extra power necessary the heat or cool the optional Add-A-Room Tent...let's see other campers deliver this kind of experience!


Aluminum Tube Frame Construction
Attention to Detail
Sleep off the Ground!
Flyer Versatility
Family Friendly
Small Car Friendly

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  • Coming Soon!

  • Roof Top Tent w/ Annex

    Add the optional Roof Top Tent w/Annex and you have an XLT Flyer fit for an Australian expedition into the Outback. This is a very high quality tent that sleeps 2 adults and up to 3 children. The sleeping area is 56” wide X 96” long and 49” tall. Setup is less than 5 minutes and includes an extremely comfortable mattress, skylight and numerous windows for excellent cross-ventilation. The drop down Annex creates an enclosed area (including floor) that creates a changing room or place to store a porta-potti. There’s even an aluminum ladder for easy egress. The Roof Top Tent is an excellent sleeping area for children or guests…kids LOVE IT!

  • Spare Tire

    The ST205/75R15 spare tire comes with a matching aluminum wheel and is mounted to the side the XLT Flyer with a heavy duty bracket. We utilize a ¼” aluminum backer plate welded to the frame for a strong mounting point that can really handle the rigors of off-road camping. Don’t let your camping expedition get sidetracked…make sure you have a spare tire to keep you on the road and headed to the next adventure.

  • Off-Road Package

    The Off-Road Package includes upgraded LT235/75R15 tires with an aggressive tread pattern that screams all-terrain ready! Distinctive aluminum wheels also set the Off-Road Package apart from the standard wheels. You won’t just look cooler with the larger off-road tires, you’ll be able to journey farther off the paved path with the additional ground clearance. A spare tire is included with the Off-Road Package with a heavy-duty bracket mounted to the side of the trailer. We utilize a ¼” aluminum backer plate welded to the frame for a strong mounting point that can really handle the rigors of off-road camping.

  • Cable Inlet

    Just because you’re out on the trail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to stay connected. The coaxial cable inlet is located on the forward roadside of the trailer and makes connecting to a supplied cable inlet or high definition antenna easy and hassle-free. The prep also includes in interior coaxial outlet and 120V power outlet and 12V power source for powering a TV.

  • 7-Way RV Plug

    The 7-Way RV Plug replaces the standard 4-Way plug on the front of the trailer and allows your tow vehicle, when properly wired, to supply a charge line back the XLT Flyer, which will in turn charge your 12V battery as you are driving to your destination…but remember, with a Flyer, it’s not the destination that matters as much as the journey!

  • Extruded Aluminum Floor

    If you’re looking for a lightweight, all-aluminum, wood-free flooring option, the Extruded Aluminum Flooring might be just the ticket. This proprietary flooring is welded directly to the frame providing unmatched strength. The durable extruded aluminum flooring is our lightest weight flooring option and comes available with our optional carpet kit.

  • Carpet Kit

    If you’re looking to warm up the interior, you can option the Carpet Kit. The black carpet has a non-skid backer and surged edges for a long lasting life. This option was created to cover the optional Extruded Aluminum Flooring, but also makes a great addition to the standard black coin flooring or vinyl flooring. Cleanup is easy and when not in use, the carpet can be removed or rolled up and stored inside the Flyer.

  • Blackcoin Flooring

    The Blackcoin Flooring is standard with our Light Grey Interior Décor, but it’s also available as a no-charge option when you select the Maple or Cherry Interior Décors. This flooring option is a little more durable than the standard tile designed vinyl flooring that comes with the Maple and Cherry Interior Décors.

  • Foxwing Awning

    The Foxwing Awning is a great option for providing shade 260° around the XLT Flyer. The Foxwing Awning was initially intended for the MAX Flyer because the design actually covers the curbside of the trailer all the way around to the front, which will then cover the slideout kitchen. If you’re looking for that extra shade, this is a great option for the XLT Flyer as well. Setup is fast and easy! Optional Roof Rack is required to mount the Foxwing Awning.

  • Sunseeker 2.5M Awning w/Sidewall Extension

    The Sunseeker 2.5M Awning is a great awning for the XLT Flyer. The included Sidewall Extension can be used to extend the awning to the side, or lowered to provide additional protection from the sun or rain. The awning sets up quickly and easily! Optional Roof Rack is required to mount the Sunseeker 2.5M Awning w/Sidewall Extension.

Overall Length (A)
148 3/4"
Overall Width (B)
82 1/2"
A-Frame Length (C)
40 3/4"
Box Length (D)
Box Width (E)
62 1/2"
* Overall Height
w/ Manual Vent (F)
68 1/2"
w/ MaxxAir Vent (G)
70 1/2"
w/ A/C (H)
73 1/2"
w/ Roof Rack (I)
74 1/2"
* Ground Clearance (J)
11 1/2"
** Interior Length (K)
Interior Width (L)
59 1/4"
Interior Height (M)
45 1/4"
Rear Double Door Clear Opening Height (N)
40 1/4"
Rear Double Door Clear Opening Width (O)
49 1/2"
Rear Ramp Clear Opening Height (P)
Rear Ramp Clear Opening Height (Q)
Weight Range/lbs.
Hitch Ball Size
* Hitch Height
15 5/8"
* Add 1" For Off-Road Package
** From Face of Front Cabinet Back to Rear Door
All dimensions are in inches and are nominal. Dimensions on actual trailer may vary from what is listed based on actual framing and trailer structure. All dimensions are subject to change without notice.
We get requests for framing prints often from our customers. Wanna know why? Because inTech RV customers are some of the most creative people on this planet! So, here y'all go. Let's go camping!!!

Flyer Colors & Decors


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Maple Decor
Cherry Decor
Gray Decor


inTech RV Ultra Lightweight Camper Colors

*Colors shown are simply a representation of what is available. Actual color can vary from what you see on your computer monitor.

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