Why Buy an inTech RV?

At inTech we know that you have choices when it comes to purchasing an RV...a lot of choices! So why choose an inTech RV? We believe the reason to purchase our products stems heavily from our core values...more than just simple words, our values are what we live by every day.

From the design and engineering of each of our RV's, to the selection of components we use, to the actual construction of the finished product, our values are our commitment to you that we will build the very best RV possible...the very best RV available in the market.

Camping is a family activity that strengthens the bond between family members. We know this because we camp ourselves. When you're away on a camping trip you don't want to experience problems that can take a fun time and make it unenjoyable. We work diligently to make sure that your camping experience remains fun...so relax, enjoy your family and trust that we've got you covered, literally!

We're so certain of our quality, fit, finish and unmatched attention to detail that we back every RV we manufacture with the best warranty in the business...1 year against defects in material and workmanship and a full 3 year warranty on our all-aluminum WELDED frame. And...our warranty, unlike other RV manufacturers is transferrable, that's how confident we are in the RV's that we manufacture for you and your family!

So rest assured that when you entrust inTech RV to manufacture your next recreational vehicle you're going to have an enjoyable camping experience...just like we do! Let's go camping!

All-Aluminum / All-Tube Construction

  • Every inTech RV is built utilizing an all-aluminum, all-tube, full-perimeter frame. Aluminum renders the lightest weight trailer possible and our all-tube construction means we are using only the strongest, longest lasting materials available.
  • When you are shopping for your next RV make certain you get what you are paying for... almost all manufacturers use a steel subframe that will promote rust, corrosion and potentially damaging electrolysis. On top of the steel subframe most time there is a wood studded sidewall and roof structure holding everything together that with only a little moisture can completely rot away. inTech's all-aluminum frame is designed and built to truly deliver a lifetime of satisfaction with no rot, not rust, and the strongest trailer possible!
  • Not only will an aluminum trailer last longer than the competition, it will also maintain value better than the rest. Our aluminum framed trailers will have a better resale value if you ever do decide to sell your trailer.
All-Aluminum - All-Tube Construction
All-Aluminum / All-Tube Construction


It's not easy re-inventing the wheel, thankfully, RV's aren't wheels! Our products are designed for camping by people who camp. For this reason, we understand how campers are using their RV's and have been able to design and build a better RV because of it.

Better designs happen when problems are presented with better solutions. The typical teardrop trailer is set up for accommodating two people and that's great if you don't have any kids...but most families come with a few kids! Our Add-A-Room Removable Tent more than doubles the living space of the Flyer so bringing the kids camping in a lightweight towable is now not only easy, but fun too!

Our open design of the Flyer allows the RV to easily and quickly double as a small utility cargo trailer with over 150 cubic feet of storage. The typical teardrop trailer only has a side door for access and can feel quite claustrophobic once you're inside its confined space.

inTech RV will continue to develop products with not only unique designs but functional and fun designs as well, we camp, just like you!

inTech RV Design

Quality Components

  • At inTech RV we believe a great RV begins by using the finest quality components available. We are not looking to save a few dollars in an effort to utilize cheap, low quality materials, we use only the best. At inTech you're going to find names like:

    Dexter Axle - The number one name in trailer axles with more service facilities across the nation than all other axle manufacturers combined.

    3M Adhesives - inTech RV exclusively uses 3M VHB to bond our exterior aluminum panels.

    Dometic Appliances - Only the highest quality air conditioners, toilets, and refrigerators with service centers everywhere.
  • At inTech RV we pledge to manufacture the finest RV's in the industry. We are committed to continually develop relationships with the best suppliers in our industry.
Quality Components

Quality, Fit & Finish

  • You will quickly notice that we love to show off a lot of close-up photos of our trailers. We do this to showcase our exceptional quality, fit and finish throughout the trailer.
  • At inTech RV we strive to create the highest "Quality of Ownership" possible; it is not how happy you are the day you purchase your new inTech RV, it is your level of satisfaction during year two, three, four and beyond. Our meticulous attention to detail creates an RV like nothing you have ever seen before. We take the time to fit each and every component together. Other manufacturers are happy to get it close enough; that simply is not acceptable at inTech RV and it shows in every RV we build.
  • Some methods of trailer manufacturing cannot be improved with technology. The RV industry does not utilize automated systems or robotics. The exceptional quality, fit and finish found in each and every inTech RV is a direct result of our workforce sentiment that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.
Quality, Fit & Finish

3/1 Year Transferrable Warranty

3/1 Year Transferrable Warranty
  • inTech RV is proud to have raised the bar by which other companies attempt to compete. We introduced the industry's first transferrable warranty.
  • At inTech RV we believe in providing a warranty on the trailers we build, not the customers that purchase them. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are selling your trailer before your warranty period has expired, you can sell your trailer with confidence. Any remaining time on your warranty can be transferred to the new owner at no cost and by simply contacting inTech RV within thirty days of the sale and registering the transfer with inTech RV. This translates into a higher resale value because the new owner can purchase with the same confidence that you did!